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So after what seemed like forever in lockdown, we are very pleased to announce the return of Yorkshire Bootcamps! 

Recently we celebrated our 1st anniversary here in Huddersfield and incredibly our 6th year running bootcamps in Yorkshire, and over the years we have listened to our members and our bootcamps have grown and evolved. 


Nowadays we follow a High Intensity Strength Training format for our sessions and our diet plans are more structured. We found that those signing up for our bootcamps were often already very busy in their own lives with high pressured jobs and families yet still need to get the most out of each and every session. Time is precious! Our bootcamps are tough, there's no escaping that, but they get results and as our sessions are run in a circuit format everyone trains together whether its your first session or in the case of some of our members their 101st!

With this 'new normality' after lockdown our bootcamps are now held in the large sports hall of our own gym Yorkshire Kettlebell Club. Its a big space with plenty of room for everyone to maintain the recommended 2 metre distance, and of course there is hand sanitiser available and all equipment is not only cleaned and disinfected between sessions but whilst there is even the slightest risk we will also be cleaning the equipment during the session itself. More...

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Yorkshire Bootcamps are indoor, HIST (High Intensity Strength Training) sessions run in a circuit format so that everyone can train together regardless of experience or ability. Our bootcamps are now based at our own gym Yorkshire Kettlebell Club in Huddersfield where we have a private gym and personal training studio as well as a very large sports hall. We also have changing rooms and our own cctv covered parking.


With the current coronavirus situation and with us just coming out of lockdown we will for the forseeable future be holding our early morning and evening bootcamps in the sports hall, our mid morning sessions will be held in the personal training studio. Social distancing of at least 2 metres will always be maintained and all equipment is not only cleaned between sessions but during the session as well. For your peace of mind we will also randomly be taking participants temperature as they come in using an infrared thermometer and all participants will be asked to wash their hands before the session and to sanitise throughout. More...

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