Welcome to the New, Covid Secure Yorkshire Bootcamps!


So after a seemingly neverending lockdown 3 we are pleased to announce the return of our High Intensity Strength Training (HIST) circuit sessions Yorkshire Bootcamps on April 12th 2021.


Yorkshire Bootcamps has been going since 2012 across West Yorkshire and since 2018 in Huddersfield, and we are now based in the large sports hall at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club. Ours are indoor bootcamps - no splashing about in the mud or freezing running around the park in the rain for us!


Of course with the current guidelines and restrictions in place due to Covid we've had to amend the format slightly and instead of the large sessions we used to run we're now running the sessions as group personal training. This means that participant numbers have been greatly reduced and we now have an absolute maximum of 15 people per session.

😷 The sports hall we use is 577m sq with 18m high ceilings and 2 sets of large, double external doors which we open during sessions. 

😷 With numbers limited to a maximum of 15 that means that each person has a full 38m sq of space to themselves! To give you an idea of scale, the average UK living room is just 17m sq, so each person has the equivalent of 2 full living rooms worth of space. 

The current recommendations with a 2 metre social distancing guideline are that the maximum space required per person to remain safe in an environment where they are active/moving around is just 12m sq (source: Institute of Place Management). 


😷 The hall is laid out in a circuit format with numbered exercise stations which participants visit in turn. Each station is at least 3m apart and there are a minimum of 20 stations for a maximum of 15 participants to ensure that there is always plenty of space. There is also a one way system in place and signage throughout the building and hall to remind people of social distancing and cleaning requirements.

😷 There are cleaning stations with hand sanitiser at each door, both internal and external. Although our changing rooms are closed as per government guidelines, there are of course both male and female toilets and hand washing facilities available.

😷 Each participant is issued with their own cleaning pack as they enter containing anti viral spray and wipes, paper towels, hand sanitiser and both latex and non latex gloves. There are further cleaning stations around the hall. 

😷 There is no sharing of equipment. Everyone who attends Yorkshire Kettlebell Club must have their own exercise mat and, if needed, their own boxing gloves. Each exercise station and all equipment is totally cleaned and disinfected each time its used, every time there is a change of exercise the session is stopped until everyone has finished cleaning down. 

😷 Until restrictions are further relaxed, everyone must wear a mask when entering or leaving the building or whenever there is a chance of coming into contact with another person.

😷 Our bootcamp sessions are not open to the general public, it is strictly members only and everyone must book onto the session in advance. No one can just turn up on the day and join. As booking is required and it is members only, we also hold everyone's details for track and trace and have records of exactly who was in the building at any time.

For further details on our bootcamps or the measures we have in place to ensure that our sessions are 100% Covid Secure, please email info@yorkshirebootcamps.co.uk. 

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