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Yorkshire Bootcamps started in Rotherham in 2013 and by 2014 was well established as an alternative to the dancing and prancing style of classes, group sessions and bootcamps that were available, or the outdoor Military Fit or Commando Fit kind of session that seems to end up more often than not splashing about in a wet, muddy field! Not for us. Our sessions are always indoors, the main sports hall is air conditioned, has skylights all around that we can open should it get too warm as well as 4 sets of large double doors that we can also open. In winter the hall is heated. 

Yorkshire Bootcamps was originally formed by Liam O'Brien as an extension to one of his previous gyms in Rotherham, also called Yorkshire Kettlebell Club. The gym was home to the Yorkshire Kettlebell Team that went on to compete across Europe although we also had a Womens Powerlifting Team and several Strongman competitors both male and female based at the gym. Liam himself has been a coach/personal trainer since 2007, based in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. With a history of strength training and bodybuilding, Liam also went on to compete several marathons including the Sahara Desert Marathon as well as competing in Strongman and Powerlifting competitions. 

As his coaching style has developed over the years, so have his clients and the participants of our bootcamps. Nowadays those who train at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club or with Yorkshire Bootcamps tend to be between the ages of 30 - 60 with a 60/40 split female to male. Almost all are professionals with both work and family commitments and need the structure of bootcamp or PT sessions to ensure they get the most out of the often limited time they have available for exercise and staying fit. Training with Liam is hard, there's no escaping that, however the achievements of those who train with him have been simply incredible and have prompted the change this year to our slogan of 'Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things!'. Read more about our bootcamps here...


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