About Us

My name is Liam O'Brien and I've been a personal trainer and coach for nearly 15 years. I originally established Yorkshire Bootcamps back in 2012 but we have been based in Huddersfield since 2018. 

Yorkshire Bootcamps began as an alternative to all the outdoor army style bootcamps that were springing up everywhere. Although the idea of training hard and using different types of equipment that you wouldn't find in a regular gym was attractive to many, the fact that we're in Yorkshire and that the weather is often not particularly kind made training outdoors rather less so! There's also the added element of training in a public space which again just didn't appeal to many of my clients. The only other options available were indoor fitness or keep fit style classes, or the traditional prancing and dancing kinds of sessions.

Yorkshire Bootcamps are now held in the large sports hall of Yorkshire Kettlebell Club. The hall has heating and air conditioning and external doors that can be opened whilst we are training. 

As with my gym Yorkshire Kettlebell Club, Yorkshire Bootcamps are totally inclusive and open to all regardless of fitness level or experience. Everyone had to start somewhere and you will never feel out of your depth at one of our sessions. At Yorkshire Bootcamps we all help each other, its not the place for egos, judgement or attitude.


Most people who join Yorkshire Bootcamps have never trained properly or consistently before, or have tried other gyms or bootcamps but found that for whatever reason they just weren't right for them. Our sessions are tough, sometimes very tough, but we get results and some of our current members have actually been with us since day 1 so we must be doing something right!

Liam O'Brien Personal Trainer