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Our bootcamps have been running for nearly 7 years now, 2 years in Huddersfield! The idea behind them is simple, we wanted a place where like minded people could get together and train hard without feeling self conscious or being distracted by other people or groups training around them. Members are supportive, encouraging and always there to lift each other up if required. 

We don't run bootcamps outdoors or in public venues!

The sessions themselves though are far from easy! We run to a HIST (High Intensity Strength Training) format with up to 20 exercises set out in a circuit. Circuits will include a mixture of bodyweight, cardio and resistance work and more often than not run as 1 minute of exercise with 30 seconds rest/cleaning time in-between.

Each station has different weights/options available depending on your own level of fitness and experience, and everyone trains together whether its your 1st or 101st bootcamp (our current longest serving member has now done 12 bootcamps back to back!). If you have injuries or weaknesses then just let me know and I'll adjust the exercises to suit. 


In these troubled times, all equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with anti viral spray and wipes each time it is used - there is no sharing of equipment EVER! Everyone is encouraged to bring their own exercise mat and boxing gloves.

The sports hall itself is swept, mopped and disinfected every day. There are buckets of cleaning materials at every station and room foggers are used overnight. 

Current Demographic

Currently Yorkshire Bootcamps has a 70/30 female to male split with ages ranging from mid 20's to mid 50's. There is an almost equal number of veterans (long serving members) and beginners, however no experience or level of fitness is required to join one of our bootcamps. 

Liam O'Brien - Head Coach of Yorkshire Bootcamps

Liam first qualified as a Personal Trainer back in 2006 and went on to specialise in kettlebell training, he now has his own gym Yorkshire Kettlebell Club in Huddersfield. In his own training Liam first concentrated on bodybuilding and strength sports before competing in Girevoy Sport throughout Europe with Yorkshire Kettlebell Club. He has completed several marathons including the Sahara Desert Marathon and also competed in several strongman and powerlifting competitions throughout the UK. He is of course fully qualified with full public lliability insurance.


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