Diet and Nutrition

As we all know, exercise alone will only take you so far, if you really want results then you need to back up your training in the kitchen. We used to work with a 21 day diet plan that just gave direction and was based on intermittent fasting, however we found that the people attending our bootcamps needed more structure to their diet plans. They didn't want to have to work out their own recipes or measurements so we had a new plan written for us that set out each days food, including snacks, with macros already calculated and easy to follow step by step recipes - it even has a shopping list for the week to make sure that you don't forget anything! The new diet plan is tailored to your individual calorie requirements and you are able to run consecutive diet plans, gradually reducing calories should you need to. 

In addition to the diet plan we also  offer a selection of healthy eating cookbooks to suit differing dietary needs and we have vegan, vegetarian, low carb, high protein and even paleo options available. The diet plans and cookbooks are included, free of charge, in your bootcamp membership.

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Yorkshire Bootcamps Vegan Cookbook